LTPP InfoPave Table Export

Welcome to LTPP InfoPave Table Export, a feature that allows the export of some or all elements of a table for selected sections.

With just a few clicks through this tour, you’ll be ready to get data on the characteristics and performance of any LTPP test section. Ready?

Find Sections

Under the "Find Sections" panel on the left hand side of your screen, there are total of 25 filters that can assist you in narrowing down your search for LTPP sections. These filters are categorized as General, Structure, Climate, Traffic, and Performance filters.

If you point your mouse over each filter, you will see a description that explains how each filter works. For example, you can filter to find sections that have bound bases using the Base Type filter.

Section Information Bar

Section information bar shows the number of selected sections which have been filtered using the “Find Sections” panel. Other available options are “Show Sections” and “Go To…” The “Show Sections” button allows you to see the list of your filtered sections and corresponding section information within each state or province.

The “Go To…” feature provides quick access to and switching capability among a series of InfoPave features such as Maps, Section Summary Report, Section Timeline, Pavement Cross-Section Viewer, and others. For example, you can locate the sections on a map or visualize data to make sure you have selected the sections you had in mind.


Type appropriate keyword in this Find box for the data you are looking for. Find results will be highlighted in table list shown below. You can scroll up and down through the results.

Data Classification

After finding your desired sections, you can select your desired tables under Structure, Climate, Traffic, and Performance categories. Each table has a descriptive name, and the name used in the SDR. Tables are listed in alphabetical order by their descriptive name.

Hovering over a table name will provide a brief description of the contents.

Selecting a Table’s Data

Clicking on a table brings up a list of fields in the table to the right of its name. The fields are identified as key fields with a key or selectable fields using a check box. All fields are initially selected. Key fields must be downloaded. You can omit any other fields you don’t want.

Add to Data Bucket

After selecting all the required data you can add it to your Data Bucket by selecting ‘Add to Data Bucket’ button. Please note this button will become visible after you have selected a table in previous step. On the Data Bucket page, you can submit the data for extraction by selecting the “Submit Data Bucket for Extraction”. You will receive an e-mail confirming your submission and then another e-mail when your data is available for download.

Please update your selection criteria, there are no more sections that meet your criteria.
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Find Sections
Find Sections (a.k.a. Section Filters) provides filter criteria to narrow down the selection of LTPP test sections. Users can apply filters from multiple classifications at their discretion. Selected Section Count is updated in real-time as the user applies filters.